Use the player (bottom left) to play samples of tracks from my forthcoming album 'Taboo Guitar'.
  1. 'Dancing In The Sky' - After a practise binge playing Bach on my nylon string felt inspired to write this tranquil tune.
  2. 'Streatham Strut' - Thought it was about time my current hub was put on the musical map.
  3. 'Concrete Jungle' - My reaction to the crazy, frantic and beautiful city where I live - London!
  4. 'So Far Away' - Evocative piece I wrote a while ago and performed on steel string guitars. Must be my folk roots coming out.
  5. 'Perfect Circle' - Seemed the right title for the song; won't bother to come up with some pretentious nonsense about ending up where you start! Are you allowed to use overdrive nowadays?!
  6. 'Mirage In Murcia' - great time spent in Spain with my lovely family a while back inspired this. My acoustic 12 string had a rare outing.
  7. 'Jounieh Sunset' - wrote this on the balcony of the penthouse I stayed at on a gig just outside Beirut. Got the fiddle out on this track.
Stay tuned for some of my vocal tracks that will be available shortly.

Check the links page for AlexZandra's site (there you can hear samples of songs I have co-written with the great diva!)

Also check out the Andy Qunta so you can hear samples of my brother's 'Legend In A Loungeroom' album on which I played guitar along with some other very well known musicians.